Omnipod or OneTouchping

First, sorry for my english…I need to choose a insuline pump. I hesitate between Omnipod or Onetouchping. I would like to have users opinions. Omnipod sound good because there is no tube but it’s not perfect… Onetouchping has is good side but don’t know if I want the tubes!! Please help!!

Hello Zazou - welcome to TuDiabetes! :slight_smile:

I am sure you will find people here who can share their positive and negative experiences with both pumps. I suggest you try each one (contact the company or your endo/CDE) and see what it’s like to wear each one to make a determination of which is best for you.

For what it’s worth, I am very happy with the omnipod. Like you, I did not want tubing (I had a MM back in the late 90’s when I went off to college and did not want that again). I have not had many issues with the pod and have had a great experience with their customer service as well as my local reps. I have been able to lower my A1C significantly and know that the pod was part of that.

Good luck making your decision :slight_smile:

Thanks for you comments :-))

I only have experience with the Omnipod but I highly recommend it, especially if you’re active and/or enjoy water sports like swimming or kayaking (in my case it’s rafting). If you are sensitive about others being aware of your condition, an Omnipod can also be more discreet than a tubed pump.

As with Kate I also have had a great experience with Insulet’s customer support and local reps so far but others on this site have reported serious issues with support and pod quality issues.

This group is an outstanding resource for OmniPod users but keep in mind that people who are having problems are more likely to post to sites this looking for help than people that rarely have problems, so take that into consideration as you read though the discussions.

You have excellents points. Thank for you help… really appreciated. :slight_smile:

Good point!

I currently use the PING, but am seriously considering switching to the OmniPod! While I like the PING, I find the tubeless system of the Pod much more appealing. I agree, its based on personal preference, and strongly recommend that you contact your Endo/Diabetes Nurse to try both options.

Also, I have read on a number of posts about Pods quality issues (i.e. failures). However, failures (occlusions, site leakage…etc) can still happen with the PING - as I have experienced on occasion!

Good luck with your decision.

Thanks Rachelle. :slight_smile:

Hi Zazou,

I was like you a couple of months ago and after lots of research, I landed on the OmniPod and I love it. I would highly recommend ordering the ‘demo pod’ and wearing it for 3-4 days to see if you like it. It is a little larger that one would think, however, it is not obtrusive. I will be honest, I have had a few pod failures. Insulet replaced them without question. As of right now, I am seeing a 10-20% failure rate. This sounds high and some times can be a pain in the butt, but the freedom of the tube far out weighs the failures. As far as the pod getting smaller and the integration of the Dexcom into the PDM, don’t hold your breath - at the rate the FDA is moving, it doesn’t look like this is happening in the near future (2014 - 2015 is more realistic).

Have a great weekend,

Thanks Jimmer, I appreciated your comment. Zazou :slight_smile: