OmniPod PDA Question

Can somebody tell me what the “?” icon at the top of the home screen is? Also, in my BG History, the “?” is to the right of some of my readings but not all - what does this mean?

I want to say thanks for all of your support and help with my decision to go on the OmniPod. So far, I love it. Only one pod failure and they are sending me a replacement.


The “?” is basically more info. If you hit the “?” button it will give you more info about something. On the home screen it gives you the Insulet Info for your PDM, in the BG History it will give you info on any tags you gave it or whether it was entered manually. Pretty much the “?” on the screen just means that there is more info available on that item if you hit the “?” button.

So this happened to me once or twice after I manually entered a BG that wasn’t that old but enough time had ellapsed that the PDM didn’t keep the reading. So when I bolused and it asked for BG, I put in the number and then went through the steps after that. I assumed it was because I manually entered the number.

if you go in to your settings, you can write in your contact information so that when you hit the ? button on the home screen, it gives all your emergency contact information and how to return it to you should the PDM get lost… it is tedious to type in, but worth the time if you ask me!