#Omnipod Peeps On Twitter

Hi… I love it here… and all the help I have gotten for my son here… but I am also a twitteraholic and love the speed that it “travels”… If you are also on Twitter… and you are on the #Omnipod… could you add the hash tag #Omnipod like people do w/the #bgnow and #Duckfiabetes and stuff like that? I love when something Omnipod pops up on the @tudiabetes twitter page… I follow them… but I also love reading rows and rows of the #bgnows …I have learned sooo much by talking to the people there…and have been able to get and give support. So please… please… if you twitter… add the #Omnipod! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hello Katz’s mom…I think I have posted here before in response to a question you had in the past, and I think at that time I went on a bit about how much I respect mom’s who support their diabetic children so well. Once angain, props to you and all the other Moms on TU! What I havent figured out is why there has not been a group called “Momnipods” for the parents to go to share mom and pod experiences. It is a perfect fit! You are probablly the one to do it! good luck, and, as always, PEACE!

Momnipods ROCKS! LOL! What a great idea:) Hope all is well! I miss chatting with you @katsz on Twitter! Hopefully I will be back soon!
For those who would like to follow a-not-tweetin-much-lately-Momnipoddin’-Momma my Twitter name is ShellGolladay!
Take care and chat soon!

Sounds really fun! Yes… .MOmnipods will begin! Now I just have to go figure out how to start a group! LOL