Omnipod placement for weight lifters/powerlifters

So I’m looking to see if anyone has ideas about placement for pods for someone who’s a powerlifter?

Currently my go to are my calves and backs of my arms. My abdomen is too sensitive and my low back and butt always fail due to movement with deadlifting.

Thanks for the help in advance.

I’ve seen people use the upper back - inside the shoulder blade - and their pecs. I should look for pics. I think @Bradford was one of them.

Found a picture of the back:

And Kris Freemen using the chest: (scroll down a little)

From images of various PWD who are powerlifters, it seems that most of them put Pods and/or sensors on the backs of their arms, abdominals (which I hear - that area is too sensitive for me, too!), and pecs. I suppose shoulders and upper backs would work, too (I’m not on a pod and can’t imagine trying to pus a regular inset on my back without help!).