Omnipod Pod Insides

I had a pod fail just minutes after putting it on. Leaked insulin out all over my arm. Got ticked at it, so I took it apart. Here is a link to a picture of its’ insides.

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Before I started using the pod, I had a sample (fake) pod that I tried to fill with water and a syringe…that caused an awful alarm to go off, and the only way I could ‘kill’ it was to kill the pod with a hammer :slight_smile: The plastic shell never actually broke. I just beat it to death until it stopped ringing…
I took it apart too, which was MUCH harder than I expected it to be. Seeing the winding mechanism and the self-serter device and understanding how it all operates was pretty cool. It’s cool that so few pieces of plastic and some metal are required to keep us healthy :slight_smile:
Any clue as to what the two springs are that touch the copper disk on the ‘roof’ of the pod? I couldn’t decide if that was part of the RF receiver or something else entirely…

Bradford- I’m pretty sure the 2 springs act as conductors for the alarm beeper. The disk is essentially a small diaphragm, like in a speaker. A small voltage applied to it causes it to vibrate at a high frequency…a beep. You would see this inside of digital watches and other microelectronic devices that make noise as well. I took one apart a few weeks ago too and was amazed at how bullet-proof the housing was! And the winding mechanism was indeed pretty cool. I turned it a bunch of times until it “inserted”. Scared the @%*! out of me.

I take every one of mine apart to get the batteries out. They are great for my kid’s music books that take that kind of battery. I just use pliers, on either side and it pops open no problem.