Omnipod Pump

Does anyone on here use an OmniPod or know anything about them? I have been researching them but cannot seem to find a pro and con list. I can find plently of information on all the good things about it, but I would like to know the bad too. I mean, it cannot be perfect and I know that. If you have any information that could be helpful, please reply :slight_smile:

I use the Omnipod pump. If you have any questions I will be happy to share.


How do you like it?? I am not sure if it is for me or not. … any advice?


I started pumping with a Metronic pump and liked it much better than injections. The problem for me was that having a pump attached to me 24/7 really got annoying at times. Any pump can and sometimes does have problems such as inclusions in the tubing, catching the tubing and pulling out the infusion set, bad reservoirs, etc.

What I like about the Omnipod is the following.

There is no tubing
There are more options as to where you can put the pump (such as arms and back)
Filling the pump and starting it up is faster and simpler
You don’t feel like you are attached to something and you don’t have to remove it to shower or swim

Now some of the negatives.

There is a higher % of failures (around 10% for me). Sometimes the pump does not insert itself properly and twice I had my shut off after 2 days. I have never had an inclusion but I have read that some people have. I would be happy to go into more detail on any of these items if you would like.

One big plus is that Omnipod has the best customer service that I have dealt with. They have always responded very quickly and replaced pods with no questions asked. Most if not all are diabetic and use the Pods. When I first tried Omnipod they had a money back 45 day trial, you might ask if they still have that program.

It may not be the best pump for everyone but for me I would much rather deal with a few extra issues than go back to a traditional pump.

My son who is 9 was diagnosed at the age of 18 months. 4 years ago we started pumping with the Cozmo and then this past December switched to the Omnipod. He is very active, plays sports, tackles in the front yard, swims, everything your typical 9 year old would do. With that said the Omnipod has been wonderful. When he’s dressed in his baseball gear I don’t have to go search for his pump hidden under layers of clothes. At night when he’s sleeping I don’t have to move him to find the pump so I can give a correction. And the new sites now, the best sites are his arms, check out the profile picture and you’ll see it on his arm.

With all those great things I have a lot of frustrating moments. The latest was last night. He was feeling like he was dropping so he tested and was 119. Showered, snacked, went to bed. We check a few hours later, 300’s, corrected. Checked another hour later and it read HI. No alarms, nothing to indicate there was a problem, he just went high which to us was obvious it wasn’t or couldn’t deliver the insulin. At 2 in the morning we’re giving him a shot and changing his site. This is a regular occurance.

I think the concept is there they just haven’t completely worked out all the issues. This is two nights in a row where my son was over 400 and the pod for one reason or another wasn’t working. We have a lot of issues with it disconnecting from the adhesive. The pod from the adhesive not the adhesive from his arm.

The window is very difficult to see through and on many occassions have had it full with insulin. If you fill the pod too quickly it leaks, This is according to customer service.

We did buy tagaderm for those sites where it is more likely to tear away but the adhesive on top of adhesive bothers him. Sometimes after removal he’s red and irritated.

We are still trying to deal with this and make it work but if someone offered me a free tubed pump today we’d be switching.

I say give it some more time to develop if you can. Let them work out the bugs.

Good Luck.