OMNIPOD Question? Help!

I moved to a new apartment with much more space and am guessing I keep getting a “POD STATUS NOT AVAILABLE” because it loses signal? I also have been REALLY high all day and keep seeing those alerts so I am wondering if I am high because its not working? All I can find on here and also online is that loss of signal does NOT effect your basal. Does it effect your temp basal or a bolus? All I did was eat some cottage cheese and a few blueberries which I do often and I went into the 300’s and am super frustrated.

Basal will continue to work regardless of whether the PDM is near your pod or not. The pod status is updated after the pod and PDM communicate. They need to be within a few feet of each other to update.

They DO need to communicate for it to send a bolus, though! And if you change a basal, it needs to be close enough to the pod to communicate the change. But if you are not changing anything, it doesn’t need to be close.

It also doesn’t need to be close once you start a bolus, as long as the bolus was started and you hear the clicking, you can put the PDM down and away.

Looks like your have a protective gel-skin on your PDM. That will reduce the communication range a little bit.

The easiest way is when you wake up the PDM, just put it close to the pod for a few seconds and let it update. For example, if you are right handed and the pod is on the left side of your body, just move it over to that side!

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Thanks! My UPDATE after calling Omnipod was that I had a bad batch of PODS :frowning:


How old is your PDM? Just wondering–I got wacky message and lost my history when I changed batteries in my PDM because the factory-installed battery IN the PDM had died! Call the number. On the back of the PDM for help–good resource, and the can get a replacement PDM for you ASAP.


Three months!
Also I am replacing it because they said I should not be getting the signal errors I am getting.
They were super helpful but its also VERY annoying.

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I had my PDM replaced twice while under the 4 year warranty because of battery issues. The first replacement was literally overnight–help desk guy was surprised and seemed embarrassed by the product failing. The second time–same issue–I could swear I heard help desk lady yawn. Yeah, we’ll get you a new PDM in a couple weeks. My guess is failure rates are pretty high and no longer exciting–and they haven’t been sued.

My insurance no longer supports OmniPod, so I’ve switched over to Medtronic MiniMed 630–hate the tubing, otherwise great so far!

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