Omnipod question

I have a suspicion. Please confirm or deny. Yesterday I changed a Pod, then resumed normal activities. I didn’t look at the receiver for 4 hours and finally clicked the OK button to make it stop beeping. It was on that screen that says something like, “check your blood sugar to after new pod insertion to verify the pump is working.” That screen always shows up after putting on a new pod. I don’t always click the OK button immediately because it shows up after a minute or two after insertion.

Will my pod deliver insulin if I dont click OK? Sometimes I wonder if it does?

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Interesting question.

I’ve sometimes forgotten to click the OK button after I inserted a new pod right away, but the second or third reminder beep always got me to click OK. Then, after 90 minutes of insertion, there is a requested blood glucose test to make sure the pod is delivering insulin correctly.

Thinking about this, there is a way you could check to see if the pod is delivering insulin or not, depending on if you acknowledge the reminder screen after changing your pod, is to view your basal insulin use. Check before you change your pod and write it down. Check your basal again in at 90 minutes, when you are checking your blood glucose after the pod change, and write it down. The difference between the two should be the amount of your hourly basal rate for that time period, taking into consideration the 90 minute check and the 60 minute basal rate (and taking into further consideration, if you happen to change basal rates anytime during that reporting period)


My PDM doesn’t ask that question, but under My records > Insulin delivery > Basal, it shows how much was being delivered when, and records pod deactivation and pod activation times, so you should be able to see if there have been large gaps in delivery.

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When you change it it says basal profile (whatever number) is active. I never hit that button until my next bolus. It’s definitely working the whole time. However, a group I belong too had quite a few members suggest to give a tiny bolus when you change the pod. Sort of like the fill action you do when you change infusion sets. I love the Omnipod. I am so glad I took them up on their Animas free trial and gave it a try. I sure did have a lot of misconceptions about pods.

Once the cannula is in you, it will deliver whatever basal program your PDM is set for.

Regardless of if you never hit any OK or confirm button on the PDM. You can go 3 days without hitting any button. If the cannula is in, you will have basal.