Omnipod Question

This is a really stupid question.
I haven’t downloaded info off my Omnipod in years.
I keep hand written records.

I need the last three days of data for something unexpected.
(I got food poisoning and the state wants to know what I ate over a 72 hour period.
If I have the data, that will make the info more accurate and perhaps jog my memory.)

What are your guys using/recommending these days? I have a dex G4 (but, I dont really need that data incorporated).

You can use Diasend and it works with both the Omnipod PDM and Dexcom reader.


@mohe0001 Diasend’s partner program Glooko is also now free and should do what you want.

My favorite though is Tidepool (free too), since i also anonymously donate my data for research. You are able to add contextual notes on the web or app, similar to Glooko & Diasand.

I believe all the above programs are both Mac and Windows friendly

Ahhh, I have Tidpool downloaded on my desktop, I just haven’t used it. Good news.

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Hope you are feeling better @mohe0001!

All better. Its the first time that I ever got the spins, both horizontally AND vertically at the same time. I thought it was gonna drop me like a tranquilizer dart into a wild rhino. I almost laid down to die in a public bathroom. hehehehe. Horrible.

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@mohe0001 were you channeling your inner Dervish by practicing your Sufi whirling, or maybe your inner Taz?


I swear, if I didn’t have so much training with low blood sugar, I would have passed out right there! It took real strategy to get out of a giant government building without throwing up in public.

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