Omnipod Site Issues

I have been a diabetic for 8 years now. I just began using the Insulet Ominpod pump a week ago and have had numerous problems with finding sites that work. I have tried all over my stomach, back and side but none seem to work for more than a day. While it is supposed to work in the shower, the cannula seems to get dislodged and stops working afterwards. The same thing happens after I sleep. I have gone through almost 10 pods in 6 days and do not see how I can continue this. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Josh

I will tell you what I have learned and hopefully it may help you… Using the pod since Sept 08 Diabetic 17 years

  1. Always clean your skin with alcohol wipes first and let dry Completely
  2. If you have problems with it staying put try using (skin tac) will send a free ($.01) sample to see if it works for you before you buy.
  3. I found I should change my pod after a shower NOT BEFORE. And give it a good amount of time to sit and get stuck before getting in to any physical activity. Anything that will make me sweat.
    I usually change my pod at around 9pm then bed around 10-11 then I shower in the moring and I found that works for me.
  4. And make sure your skin is not oily or sweaty where you will place the pod (alcohol wipes)

I ordered the skin tac because with the hotter months here, I find just recently that it more difficult to get that little pod to stay where I want it.

Good Luck Please keep in touch


I think regardless of what pump you use, Linzie’s rules should apply. Every Pump wearer has their own idiosyncrasies, as do insulin pumps. Once you figure out what works for you and yours, the benefits are OUTSTANDING! Hang in there & Good Luck!

Thank you for all the advice, my pump coordinator from Insulet said to use Mastisol (a spray adhesive) in order to make sure the pod sticks to my skin. Linzie’s advice is good, I usually put a new pod on after a shower, but I will clean the area with an alcohol swab anyway, let it dry and sit with the new pod for a few minutes in order for it to adhere to my skin. My pump coordinator said that my skin may not work well with the pump, so hopefully this works and I won’t have to change to another pump. Thanks again everyone!


I have noticed with myself that even if I have just taken a shower and I dont use an alcohol wipe it dosent stick well at all. whish could be a cause from skin oil, people in another forum someone mentioned the soap they used cause problems, that is why I alwasys use alcohol.

I have been on the pod for about a month I had some of the same problems .
try this The back of my left arm about 1/2 way from elboy to shoulder .
when I shower I try to keep the pod out of the water as muck as I can.
I went through 6 pod in three days last week .
afew wer bad pods that went off at 2 am .
You are not alone . dont give up
I feel better then I have in 10 years.