Omnipod Skin Damage

Hi, friends. I have a weird, intermittent skin reaction to my Omnipod and wonder if anyone else has had the same problem.

Three times now, when using the abdomen as my pump site, I’ve developed a crazy itchy blister under the adhesive. Of course I take the pod off and switch sites. When I remove the pod the itchy blister will tear and the skin will be raw and red, almost like a serious burn. It oozes and the ooze sticks to my clothes, so that when I peel them away the skin tears and bleeds and oozes some more. It takes weeks to heal!

The first time this happened I saw my GP who said she’d never seen anything like it. She thought it might be a contact dermatitis. She gave me a broad spectrum antibiotic cream which didn’t work at all, then a steroid cream, ditto. Eventually the irritated areas crusted over and healed.

It is SO random. It doesn’t happen every time I use my abdomen. I alternate sites religiously - tummy, arms, thighs, and lower back - and am super careful about hygiene protocols. Has anybody got any ideas? Thanks!

I started using Omnipod early this summer and failed miserably because of skin issues, bruising, and tissue damage, Please note that I am a senior and my skin and tissue are not as durable as they used to be.

The skin rashes (contact dermatitis) were helped by using Flonase on the site. And after that dries using Cavillon (wipes or spray) to create a barrier. And once that dries, apply the pod.

I had such a bad experience with Omnipod that it is a wonder to me that so many people love it. I have gone back to Omnipod several times trying to be optimistic that it would work well. Although I occasionally have a site that works well for two days, the next site is an abysmal failure.


I’m sensitive to most adhesives…can’t use regular bandaids anywhere except fingers, can’t use adhesive tape anywhere at all, and I used to get that reaction frequently from my quicksets. I now use a barrier tape (IV 3000 or Tegaderm work well for me.) I’m not sure if you can put the Omni through a barrier tape but, if so, try it.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been using Omnipod happily for several years now - it is just in the past year that this issue has cropped up. It happens so infrequently that I wonder what, exactly, causes it when most of the time I do just fine. And it is only on my abdomen - every other site is completely trouble free. Mystery!

I may give that a go. Thanks for the tip!

I’ve never worn an Omnipod, but the suggestion of using an IV3000 as a barrier would be my go-to choice. If that doesn’t work there is Skin Tac which you would let dry completely, or Skin Tac for sensitive skin (I forget the exact name of it). If the skin tac doesn’t dry completely it will act more as an adhesive enhancer than a barrier.