Omnipod sticking during/after exercise

About a year ago I asked for suggestions with getting my dexcom CGM to stick better and the suggestions helped immensely. However, recently I’ve been doing an extreme workout program to shed some weight and I find that my dexcom CGM does pretty decent sticking to my body, but my omnipod will practically fall off.

This is a big deal because I have a limited number of pods and if a pod is discarded early, I lose all of the insulin stuck inside. I normally put my pod on my abdomen region and am open to other areas and suggestions.

Is there such thing as some heavy duty medical tape that I can place over it? I’m assuming that will still fail similarly.

Probably you’ve already tried this, but are you using SkinTac on the area before you attach your pod?

No I am not. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks!