Omnipod tips

I’m sure several already know a ton of tips in using the Omnipod, but some may be fairly new (like me).

Couple of things I’ve learned over the past few weeks. One, I hate having to carry a case with a lancet, test strip tube, and the Omnipod in a nylon case. I don’t have a purse and can’t fit it into my pocket! So, when I’m going out to eat with friends, customer lunches, or know I’m going to eat one meal and can get access to my strips later, I just test before I leave the house or in the car, then slip the pdm into my pocket. This is so much easier if I’m going to eat within 20 minutes or so and I know my BG levels. PDM slips into my pocket like a phone and I can deliver a bolus under the table quickly.

Another tip I learned, over the weekend. Headed up to Mammoth for some boarding, had my pdm in my backpack, grabbed lunch (Stir fry with rice), tested (which was 270, ugh), and then bolused. I didn’t wait until I heard the “beep” from the pod as I had a couple layers of clothes on, and just began eating. The pdm said “delivering bolus”, then about 10 minutes later, I had a ringing in my ear and I’m like “what the hell is that? Oh sh*t!” Apparently, I had an occlusion and my bolus wasn’t delivered and I had already scarfed down a ton of rice! Yay. On top of that, I forgot to stick a pen in my backpack and was going to be stuck on the mountain boarding for another 2-3 hours. My buddy was like, uh oh, now what? I shot up to 376 when I checked again.

Well, looks like it’s time to start drinking a little sooner than later. Jack n Diet, Patron and Tequila brought me down to low 200. Not that I ADVISE doing that, but had to get creative. Lesson learned, wait until bolus is completely delivered before eating! Also, make sure your PDM is nice and warm before you test. We were single digit degrees boarding and I think I used up 5 strips trying to get a reading. PDM wasn’t warm enough…just stick it under your arm or close to your chest for several minutes…

Good ideas! You can always stick a strip into the meter and leave it there until ready to test. You can also stick with just a lancet if you have to (I’ve even stuck my finger with a pen needle) Just pull the strip out and re-insert when you’re ready to do the test.

I have learned the hard way myself not having an extra pod and insulin on me. I ALWAYS have an extra pod and insulin in my car. I also carry a syringe with me in case a pod fails and I have to revert back to shots (happened yesterday). Also too you’re BG’s will run much higher when you’re in the mountains. I usually take double the insulin when I go snowboarding compared to other athletic activities believe it or not.

As far as alcohol your BG’s will go lower because your liver cleans the alcohol out of your blood and it also pulls the glucose out at the same time. The only thing you have to worry about is if you get too low while you sleep if you’d had alot to drink.

Michael I was wondering about the PDM in cold weather. My husband and I enjoy going snowmobiling where the temperature is well below freezing and I was wondering how well the PDM held up in the cold. How long do you think it took to get the PDM warmed up to take a reading? A lot of times I will be out in the forest testing myself around a camp fire. Also, I was wondering about static electricity and the pod, do you wear silk thermals as your base layer? I’m afraid to use it now because I’m afraid of zapping my pod. I haven’t been snowmobiling since getting on the pod but we are thinking of taking another trip next Feb.


it took maybe a minute before I warmed up my pod. Stuck it under my arm and next to my chest. When I tested when it was cold I could tell it would probably error as the 2 arrows that circulate were going REALLY slow. I kept it in a nylon carry case inside my outer pocket on my snowboard jacket. You could probably wrap it into something and then put it in your pocket to keep it warmer or hold it near the fire a bit. I got some weird errors when I tested, but as soon as it warmed up, it worked fine. No silk underarmour, used wool, or polyester/cotton blend. If you wear multiple layers and have a pocket on a mid layer underneath your over coat, you may stick in there.


Thanks Mike for the information.We are looking forward to going snowmobiling next winter.


great news finn s got his Omnipod working, started this morning around 11 this morning, but he want s to change to around 8 o clock in the evening, but he heard it works for 36 hours can one change the pod after say 30 hours?

Anyone knows about flexible hours for changing the pod?


Yeah, you can always change the pod sooner than later. Just go to “more actions” from your home screen, then select “change pod”.