Omnipod trial

Hi all

Been offered a 3 month trial for the Omnipod, currently on AccuCheck Combo and Dexcom G4.

Just a few questions I hope you can help me with.

Will Omnipod SW work ok on an iMac with Fusion ?

Does Omnipod set off airport body scanner alarms ?

Is it ok to put the remote through the airport bag scanner ?

Thanks all :-)

Hi chris I have an iMac with VMware and works fine, I have also been in the Canadian airport and was fine no alarms. However I chose a pat down instead of the scanner. Pdm was fine going through scanner

Thanks I think I will give it a go then :-)

Pdm thru the scanner was fine for me too. The X-ray scanners seem to pick up something on your body so then they do a pat down and I tell them I have a pump and it’s been fine every time.

I’ve been through U.S. and Cdn airports with no trouble, I mention I’m wearing a pump and they usually don’t even want to see it. Did ask New to go through the full body scanner one, no problems. Pdm goes through xray a, I put it through with my wallet and other carry on. Last time my belt buckle set the alarm off, but the pod didn’t.

Thanks all, I have decided to give it a go for three months and see how ig goes.

As summertime who travels for a moving both domestically and internationally, the PDM (I.e. the remote) goes in the bag without issues.

The Omnipod outsell will anyways show up in a fill body step in scanner, bit will not beep in the old style detectors.

I always tell TSA that I have an insulin pump and the make me touch or and run a scan without incident.

Always carry a letter from your doctor starting your condition just case. In my experience, it takes about 2-3 minutes money to run the finger scan.

My 15 year old daughter flies with her Omnipod. The body scanner will show the spot where the pod in located. Usually they just want to look at it and let her go. Other times they will have her to touch it with her hand and swab her hand for drugs. Takes very little time. If its the metal detector it will go off and then she usually get a pat down. For the PDM (remote) it does not hurt it to go with your bag through the x-ray system.