Omnipod UK


I recently got an Omnipod in the UK but it doesnt have any software to be able to download to the computer with.

I have tried downloading Co-Pilot and the Omnipod extension (US version) but it didnt work, just doesnt find it at all, when I plug the omnipod in it displays as a drive under my computer but will do nothing with co-pilot.

Any ideas? anyone seens this before? any idea how to get around it?


For some time, I’ve been using diabetes software that doesn’t even try to download from the meter. It requires manual copying instead.

Free. Runs under most recent versions of Windows.

Are you interested in trying it at least long enough to determine if it can handle the blood glucose and temperature units used in the UK, rather than just those used in the US?

Hi Robert

I have software where I can manually input data from my meter, and my pump but I want something where I can connect it and it will transfer, I use the Omnipod in the UK but the US Omnipod software does not work on our PDM’s