Omnipod update?

I think I’m out of warranty and want to get a new Omnipod system. Just wondering if anyone knows if there’s anything new coming out. Seems like whenever I got a new mini med pump, they had a new version a month or two later!!

Wait. There is a new pod and PDM on the horizon, hopefully later this year. Call Insulet for more info.

I *just* got fitted for my first Omnipod (first pump every!) last night and had a nice long talk about this very topic with the educator.

She suggests anyone whose warranty has expired should re-up on their warranty. In the coming months, Omnipod is going to provide an update for all of their PDM's and pods. The PDM is going to stay basically the same, but the pods will be considerably smaller.

If you re-up on your warranty, you will be provided with the upgraded models (both PDM and pods) at NO charge.

Insulet reported earnings on Wednesday, and there was discussion of the new pods, which still have not received final approval by the FDA. The company is working closely with the FDA to answer any concerns, but don't be surprised if these new pods aren't available until next year.

Insulet will change PDM for free, so yuo can get the current omnipod and its PDM will be changed when ready at no cost.

I have posted a translation (bad) of an email I received from Ypsomed, the dutch distributor of Omnipod, about the 2nd generation Omnipod.
The pod will be smaller and the PDM will be replaced.

The link below is the englisch promotion video for the next generation Omnipod.

Ypsomed (Insulet) started in the Netherlands in 2011 distributing the Omnipod and the Netherlands will now be the first country for the next generation. I am waiting, but did not hear anything yet. I have enough Pod's till half september and will report the moment I receive any more news.