Omnipod use beyond expiration

Hi every one, I know that after the pod expiration the PDM starts to beep! after that you still have 8 more hours to change to a new pod if there’s still insulin left in the pod. My question is, can I use a pod after the expiration date printed on the box? if yes, how much time after that expiration date the pod still good? I asked because I got a box of pod that will expire on 06/2009, and I will not be able to use all of them before June, does any one can advise or share experience.

I’d call insulet and request some before they expire.

I’d call Insulet and get a replacement box.

It was a box that I sales rep gave me. Do you think I will be able to exchange it since it was a gift? I will call to see what they tell me.

I just talk to Insulet customer service and they told me that the expiration date is based on the they the pods are manufactured, but the pods will work perfectly for 3 more months! that’s good to know!!

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