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Here is an additional link to an article which is more specific for basal testing:

I heard that Omni pod may not be suitable for someone who is extremely insulin sensitive and is on a very low total dose of less than 10 units of insulin.

Has anyone had experience with this?

There’s a lot to read here and I certainly didn’t get through it all. I’ve been using pods since November and for the most part it has been a positive experience. Only last week did I experience an occlusion situation for the first time. But my bigger issue that I’ve had, and I’m wondering if anyone else has, is that the pod will recommend a bolus that turns out to be too low (i.e. the recommendation is less than what a full amount would be using the IC ratio) and then I end up running high. Quite frankly I’ve lost some trust in this darn thing and don’t know when the heck to go with it’s recommended bolus or when to override and put the full amount. Sometimes I’m correct in overriding and, others I end up low because I did the full amount instead of the recommended, and then there are those times when I’m just high and kicking myself for not ignoring the suggestion and putting the regular amount.

Anyone else go through this?

Sounds like you need to have some adjustment done to your bolus. Do not try to do this yourself. Consult your doctor so that you and he/she can tweek your pump to give you the best results. What really helps my endocrinologist is when I keep very specific and accurate records. Record EVERYTHING that you eat, the times you test and take a bolus, and your corresponding activities for the day. Good record keeping is a must if you and your doctor are going to make changes. I always take in the last two weeks of my food/medication/activities so we can detect habits and patterns together. Good luck with your adjustment!

I’m on the omnipod and want to stay on it but I also want to lose weight. Despite what some people say the special k diet where you replace 2 meals a day with their cereal really works. Without changing my diet or exercising I lost 8lbs. In 1 month. That has yet to happen through exercising daily. If I do the diet I won’t have enough insulin in the pod. My thought was to do everything else on the pod and cover the cereal with a shot. My mom won’t let me do it. She thinks it’s a stupid idea which I can’t understand why. Pump or shot the insulin is going into the subcutaneous fat and being absorbed the same. I’m not going to do it for a long time a couple months at most. I wanted to know if you thought it was a stupid idea or not? If you do I’m curious why. Thanks!

I’m not understanding what you mean when you say “I’d I do the diet, I won’t have enough insulin in the Pod.” Please elaborate.

The pod can’t hold enough insulin to cover the cereal twice a day + reading + basil rate. I have to cover the cereal with a shot or I’ll run out of insulin so fast I’d have to change my pod everyday. Hope that answered it.

You use over 190+ units of insulin per day? (It’s spelled “basal”, not “basil”.) What does “reading” mean in the context that you used it?

Reading meant my blood sugar.

I found out by trial and error that you must fill the pod slowly. Very slowly. That limits bubbles and pod failures.

Also, turning the Pod upside-down (sticky side down) while priming seems to help.

Hello I am new to the site. I have been T1 for about 5 years. I wear a CGM for about 2 years and the Omnipod for about 1.5 years. I love it. Look forward to connecting. Happy Saturday :slight_smile:

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Welcome @DiaBetty1.

@AE13, thanks. It’s nice to be here. I got sucked in earlier skipping around to all of the different groups. Lots of information :slight_smile:

This is for Omnipod users. I just want to express a frustration that I hope will be fixed as I move to Dash. I absolutely hate, hate, hate that stupid alarm that goes off about 2 hours after changing a pod reminding me to do a blood sugar check. Hey, I already am doing at least 3 a day just bolusing. I called the support line and they can’t figure it out either. NOTHING more fun than changing a pod in the middle of the night because of an occulsion then getting woken up 2 hours later for that STUPID ALARM.

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I use the DASH system, and you still will get the alarm to check your blood sugar an hour and a half after you change the Pod. That is one of the concessions that Insulet had to make to get the government to approve the system. I have found that if I change my Pod and then want to go to bed an hour later, I will check my blood sugar then and put the controller right next to my bed. When the alarm goes off, I just swipe away the notification and all is well. The notice to check cannot be silenced, but you do not have to actually DO the test to quiet the alarm. You just have to dismiss it. I have been on OmniPod since 2009, and I love it. Moving to the DASH is an easy transition, and it has some great features… like uploading to Glooko automatically at midnight each day after you have set up that feature. I have my Endo’s office set as a receiver, so if I have any questions, they always have my recent readings. That, alone, is worth the hassles of anything else the Pod throws my way.

When I change it right before bed, I put the PDM in the basement so it does not wake me up. :grinning:

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