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Even with the Dash it still makes the two hour after changing alarm. I have specifically set it NOT to do that, but it does it anyhow. One advantage of Dash: you no longer have to push a button when you take the cap off to say that there isn’t a problem. Problem: extended bolus are much harder, it doesn’t remember what you want.

Thanks @beacher , I´m not in the US either, so that makes sense.

Hi all, Eric Bridger here. I’ve been lurking here for several years. Live in Portland, Maine. I have had type 1 for over 55 years. Have been on Omnipod and Dexcom for about 4 years. Consider myself very lucky with minimum complications and an A1C of 6.0. I’m in the midst of signing up for US Medicare (forced to get Omnipod pods via Part D) and am wondering how others have fared?

I have Medicare and a supplemental plan.(not an advantage plan)

Yep, Omnipods part D for my pods. It’s because they are disposable and I don’t think it was really that long ago they weren’t covered at all. It’s 40.00 for a 3 month supply of whatever amount I need. I get them through Optum RX. And they can’t be put on auto refill for some reason as I did before Medicare. But my insulin can be, huh?? One of those it doesn’t make sense to me. But I guess I always will be on insulin but could stop using my Omnipod? But the Dexcom is under part B and fully covered and I get those through North Coast Medical/ADS. They send me a text to say okay, I do and it arrives.

Your insulin under Medicare for a pump is usually fully covered too. I say usually because mine isn’t as I use Humalog 200 and it only comes in a pen and Medicare won’t cover a pen being used to fill a pump. But it’s still only $40 for a 3 month supply for whatever I need so I prefer to stay with it.

Thanks so much for your reply Marie. This is exactly what I’ve been expecting and confirms what I’ve found. Already picked a Medicare supplemental plan but have not yet gotten my letter but I feel more confident that it will work out.

One more thing I wonder about. It seems like a slow week if I don’t get 6 or 7 times where the machines forces me to restart. (Turn phone off?? What phone?)

Hi @Dennis4 This thread was started 7 years ago and while there are some more recent posts I’m not sure HPNpilot is still around? I use an Omnipod and I would help if I could but I’m not sure about what you are talking about? Is it the PDM you have to restart? If it is, call Insulet and see if they can troubleshoot the issue, if not the PDM is guaranteed for a certain amount of time and they can replace it.

Thanks! I didn’t know if this happens a lot to other people or not. Yes, I was talking about the PDM.

@Dennis4 I’ve not heard of your issue before, one of mine kept losing it’s memory, one would shut off randomly and another which was the replacement they sent me, one of the buttons you had to really work at pressing to get it to work. They replaced them all. They don’t want them to fail on you.

So call Insulet, they are very good about replacing ones under warranty. The warranty periods are usually 4-5 years .If it’s out of warranty your insurance usually covers a new one every 4-5 years. Insulet will work with you as they want you to keep using your Omnipod because they make the most of their money from you using their pods.

Another Omnipod compaint. I didn’t feel any leakage during boluses but there must have been one because I soared into the 400’s and it couldn’t have been food. Oh well, I still prefer it to injections.

@Dennis4 Do you have a CGM? If I go up 50 points within 2 hours, I automatically change my pod. (Unless there is a specific reason) I used to wait and see if I kept climbing, but now I just change it out easily and give myself a manual injection when I do. You call them in and they replace them and will pay for the lost insulin if you pay for your insulin. The calling them in is a pain, so I save up 4 or 5 with felt pen notes (date) on them to call them all at once.

Yes, I do. That is an idea I will have to check out with the powers that be (Diabetes Educator).

Some other things I don’t like about the omnipod: lately it seems that when I change it automatically turns the volume all the way up.

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Yes my Dash PDM randomly turns the volume up often. Have not found a way to keep it on vibrate for an entire 3 day pod session yet.