Omnipod Video Contest!

Who else is doing it?!?

I was thinking about putting something together but I am not sure where to start

I’m going to be doing it. Plan on putting it up by this weekend =)

Good luck! Let me know when you all put your video’s up so I can support you all:)

It is really easy. All you need is a camera/video camera. Hook the camera into the computer, or use a card reader into the computer, and go to and click upload. Choose the file you want. It is really easy, but hard to explain.

I am.
My video is up on my site :]

I have my video up. There are only 4 to 7 videos on there or so?

Just checked out the OmniPod videos.
WOW!!! We have some very talented people here.
And - if you check out the other videos on the site - like the ones about inserting infusion thingys… I really feel bad for those people.
I love my OmniPod!!!