Omnipod vs, Medtronic

6 months after diagnosis, I am ready to have a pump. I am having difficulty choosing which one is best for my situation. I am a side-sleeper and I have ultra-sensitive skin. Any advice?

I am there with you. Someone?

I keep my pump clipped to the front of my jammies. Like you I am a side sleeper but with the pump in front I hardly notice it. Even if I roll onto in the night. Your other option is to let the pump roam “free range” Ive done this a few times but dont like the alarm clock going of and my pump bunjee jumping because i forgot it was roaming.

I’m a side sleeper, too, and haven’t had much trouble with the OmniPod. Once in a while I put the pod in what turns out to be an uncomfortable spot, but it’s not a big problem. I’m still able to sleep just fine and the pods do just fine, too.