OmniPod VS Minimed

I am considering switching to Omnipod. I’ve been wearing a Minimed pump for about 10 years. Are there any users who have used Minimed and are now on Omnipod that would be willing to talk to me about issues of switching?

made the switch last December and will never go back. That beng said it is a very personal decision and will be happy to answer any of your questions so you can make an informed decision that works for you.

Is there a food list that you can choose from when bolusing? Was the programming that much different from Minimed? Is it easier to manage? Tubeless is very appealing to me! Do you find yourself putting infusion sets in new places? I am a teacher and I’m looking for some freedom…Does carrying the PDA all the time bother you? Can I leave the PDA in my purse and program a bolus for later in the day? Sorry I’ve got so many questions! But I want to make the right decision! Thanks for your help!

The Omnipod PDM has a nice food database that you can customize.

The programming formulas are very similar. The major difference in the bolus calculator wizard is that the minimed lets you know how much insulin is aboard when you bolus for meals where the Omnipod assumes that you input the correct carbs and will calculate corrections without considering the food bolus. If you are used to the Minimed method it takes some getting used to but once you do it works just fine.

For me the main reason I changed and will not go back is the freedom from the tubing. It makes life soo much easier and the comfort is so good that I can actually forget where I am wearing the pod. I also have unlimited choices where to wear the pod. My personal favorite is my arms which is imposable with a traditional pump. Simple things like sleeping, showering, swimming, sports, etc. are just like not wearing a pump.

The PDM does not bother me as you only actually need it with you for boluses. It will easily fit in a purse or pocket. The pumps come in a small package that will also fit in a purse. Everything you will need except insulin is in the small package.

There are a few drawbacks as there are a few more pump errors on insertion than with a traditional pump but as I am getting better it is becoming rare for me. Omnipod is very good at replacing pumps with no questions asked and they have very nice support people that are also diabetics and use the Pod.

I hope this helps a bit. Please don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions.


Hello everyone

I have been diabetic since 1983 and was, until this past Jan '08, a minimed 508 pumper for about 5 years. I, like most pumpers, was attracted by the OmniPod tubeless system and will never go back to a tubed system again, no matter what minimed or any other system says they have improved on. The only thing that bothered me, being a pumper, was the unsightly tubing. The omnipod has given me that sense of freedom back and a few pods error-ing out is a small price to pay in my opinion.

Of course there are other benefits with this system - a PDM that both controls the pod AND doubles as a glucometer AND has a food database. Not to mention historical information about carbs, insulin delivery and bg history. It’s all in there. The only complaint I have is the ability to export more than 3 days worth of information at a time from the PDM. But I did hear from Insulet that that option is coming soon.

I’m happy with this system, I just wish they could have gotten it to my area of the country sooner.