Omnipod with Lantus Supplement

I keep waking up with BG levels around 150, I increased my basal rate today with the hope of reaching my goal of 80-120mg. Does anyone use Lantus at bedtime ?

Anything is possible but my guess is you’re not going to find anyone who takes a Lantus injection to supplement their insulin pump. After all, Lantus is (in theory anyway) a 24 hour long lasting insulin with a flat curve. So if you took 12 units of Lantus once a day that would be the same thing as increasing your basal rate by .5 units per hour for each of your basal segments.

As you tried, the right thing is to increase your basal rate, or maybe just a segment of your basal rate (assuming you don’t have one 12 AM - 12 AM segment) that covers your nighttime insulin delivery. BUT, it’s important that before you increase your basal rate across the entire sleeping period to go a few days and wake up and test your BG every 3 hours. That way you can see when you need to increase your basal rate. Maybe you’re at 100 at 4 AM and you slowly increase from there to 150 at 8 AM in which case you should only increase your basal rate from 4 AM to 8 AM. If you increased it all night long you could go low at 2 AM when you’re asleep - a very dangerous thing.

Thanks for your advice. I will wait and see what effect my change in Basal Rate does. I increased it from 1.9 to 2.05 per hour.

I would not make significant changes to my basal rate without talking to my endo. There are lots of subtle things that come into play that the lay person may not be aware of. For example, Dawn Phenomenon