Has anyone had any experience or knowledge of the Omnipod insulin delivery system? My daughter and my husband wear Medtronic Paradigm 712s, and I just heard about this omnipod for the first time ever last night. The website is, and it looks great! No cords; no worrying about getting it wet. My daughter jumped in the pool with her pump on a couple of days ago, and it has to be replaced with something. I’m considering this thing, but want to check it out first. THANKS

There is a forum here on TU that is dedicated to the Omnipod


I have been on the omnipod for almost a month and love it =) it’s awesome! It’s small, and when I have it on I don’t even feel it…I love it =) But of course this is just one opinion… I have had only 2 pods fail and that was my own fault! Anyway, I hope it works out for you guys…if you go to their site they will send a “demo” one and you can wear it…

Our users group can be found at Omnipod Users and boasts of over 125 of our tudiabetes members! Plenty of people to explain the system’s pros and cons! Feel free to join the group even if you are not a current omnipod customer. Many people join the group just to participate in the discussions.

If you are interested in more information, from that website you mention, you can order a trial dummy pod and have your daughter wear it for a few days on her skin and see what she thinks.

Also, of the four major pumps available, the Minimed is the only one that is not waterproof. Both the Animas and Cozmo are watertight, conventional, tubed pumps.