WE got our Omnipod trial in the mail yesterday. I must say I was amazed at how small it was. It looks great. However I could not get the software that they sent to work on my Mac. Man I need to get a newer mac so I can open those kinds of things. :frowning: Probably wont be anytime soon. I do love my Mac though. Other than that I think its going to be a great fit for DD. I also want to talk to the Dr. about hypo-unawareness. I have seen some people here have it. DD doesn’t seem to notice that she is going low until she is in the low 50’s. However Thankfully she doesn’t have too many Lows, just when her body decides to kick in. However We do not test at night, but her morning numbers are usually in the normal range. I was just wondering if there would be grounds to get a CGM? Is it worth it? Should we ask to try one? Any Ideas?
We go to the Dr. next week. We are going to ask about the pump. The people from Omnipod are great, they have sent me an email and also called me the day that we received the trial pod. She was so awesome!!! I am feeling good about choosing the omnipod. DD was able to take a shower no problems. I think eventually she wont even feel it. :slight_smile:
I did tell DD that we might also try the pump that has the built in cgm.


That’s awesome about the Omnipod. I know I love mine =) A pump with a cgm would be pretty cool, too…especially with the hypo-unawreness. Best of luck with you choice and have a wonderful day =D

Thanks sugarrbabie! I think she is happy with the omnipod. So far it has stuck w/no issues. Of course it isn’t delivering anything, but no signs of coming off anytime soon, through 2 showers and a performance. :slight_smile: I think we will look into getting a cgm thats stand alone. Thanks again.

How did it end up working out. Mikey has been on the omnipod now for almost 4 months and we all LOVE it. It makes it so much easier on us all. I did notice on the samples that the adhisive doesnt seem as sticky. When we did the demo it wouldnt stick well but the real one are real hard to get off easy.