The weather is getting extremely hot. I wear the pod. Should I be worried about the insulin in the pod getting to warm? And if so. what can I do about it. I noticed that they have the Frio for tube pumps but nothing for the pod. Any advice? Thank you in advance.

Honestly, Since it gets changed every 2-3 days, I would not worry about it. Maybe try not to stand in direct sun, or something like that to minimize extreme temp.

What Chris said.

Wear looser clothing and keep your own body temp close to normal. Check with endro to see if changing the site more frequently in hot weather is in order. Might check your instructions for what to do if you are running a fever.

I don’t think that insulin is really hurt that much until it gets of 110 or so for a while… and at that point, i don’t think you’ll be outside :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s been running 95 and up here, and i haven’t had any trouble with my pods :slight_smile: