hop you doing well
could you please advice me about the insulin pumps
which one better
i liked omnibod but i am confusing
Iam 27 years old and i have been fo diabetic 4 years ago used novorapid and lantus.

Hi! Choosing a pump brand is such a personal decision. They all do pretty much the same thing! So, the choice is really in which details you like the most. I’ve been loyal to Minimed for about 10 years. Had an Animas as my first pump and did not do well with it (it was their first generation pump)…went through 6 in less than a year before switching to MM. My warranty is up on my MM 522 and I was thinking about the OmniPod. I liked the idea of tubeless but then I tried the sample pod and it just didn’t work for me. Definitely go to OmniPod’s website and request a sample pod to try.

Personally, I just called Minimed a few days ago and told them I would like their new Revel with cgms. They’re working on insurance approval for me right now. I love and trust MM. Everyone has their own opinion on brands but pumping is awesome! You’ll most probably love it regardless of which brand you choose. :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,
T1 for 30 years, diagnosed at age 3