On Day At A Time For This Girl

So, today is the beginning of the a very new, important relationship in my life! It's the day that I actually change my new Enlite Glucose Sensor for the very first time unaccompanied; without the guidance of my Medtronic Educator right by my hip, belly, and chest. I'm pretty scaried I have to admit. I forget most of what she walked me through during our training; I'm sure it will come back to me...I'm a pretty smart Gal.

I will say that I like the new BG meter and how it sends all my readings straight to my Minimed; that has been very nice so far! I also like how the meter lights up at night. I'm also using this whole new CGM as a way to live differently one day at a time by eating better and blogging about what I'm doing on a daily basis to make my life better.

I've been using Dexcom for many, many years now and like many of us, I'm a creature of habit.

I'll post how the sight change goes later. Pardon my writing skills; I'm not the greatest.