On hold

I’m just sitting here, on hold, with the insurance company lol. I bet that sounds familiar to many of you! She is looking to see what our benefits say about CGMS. I am doubtful only because of what our pediatric endocrinologist has told us.

Well, she just got back and we were right. It’s still being considered experimental. I know that some type 1’s have managed to get coverage for this, so I’m just wondering how. And if our doctor would be willing to take the necessary steps and submit predetermination papers for review, that may or may not work as well. I must say that the insurance rep I dealt with this time was very friendly. That always makes it a little better when they tell you no.

Every since Jamie has not been feeling the lows, I am just having a hard time imagining what life would be like without a device like this, but yet more people with unawares don’t have it than do. How, how, how?

We’ve been running her high for the past few weeks and she still managed to go low yesterday. And I started to panic, but she was okay. The doctor is going to want to start tweaking her numbers back down, and I do want them to because the high numbers just really make me mad. But the low numbers scare the hell out of me.

Speaking of getting the hell scared out of me, the school just called and when I seen the caller id, my heart just dropped down to my stomach in an instant. I picked up the phone and it was the school nurse (I live directly across from our school - how convenient is that!). I almost dropped the phone to go running. Here, she just wanted to talk to me about Jamie’s sudden hypoglycemia unawareness. I am so on edge from all of this. I’ve got to get control of myself. I don’t want to be a spaz case and freak my kids out all of the time. Everyone who knew me before this used to comment on what a “strong” person I was. Having been through a lot of stuff in my life, people just thought I was tough as nails. Well, those days are long gone since my own daughter is now diabetic.

What’s so crazy is that the first endocrinologist we went to when she was first diagnosed told us how to use the glucagon. Then proceeded to say that we would probably never have to use it. Two months later we found her seizing in her sleep. It’s happened several times since then. That doctor was so surprised he had her tested by a neurologist who did a three day video eeg on her. We are on our third endocrinologist now (the last change was because of insurance reasons).

I just love this site. It’s the one place where when I’m writing down what I’m feeling or what’s going on, I know others out there are with me.