On March 18, 2009 I wrote: Crazy times here we go again

Had a year of mild flares nothing too major i guess…my vision was stable enough that i was driving again and i did some traveling around texas. I got on a plane to go to Washington, D.C. and lobbied for the national federation for the blind. i even started dating and from the get go i had to disclose why i was legally blind…dang lupus and diabetes tag teamed my eyes. needless to say he is still around…phew…not until recently, i noticed a change in my vision again and had a follow up with RA and Retina Specialist…out of nowhere my lupus is becoming more active. as of now, i was taken off all lupus meds and i feel great like a super woman…lol now its back to being bed written and hoping that the lupus behaves itself while i rest. and monitor my diabetes closely to see how it reacts to my lupus flares. oh did i forget to mention, i’m still not on any blood thinners since i had the stroke in my left eye due to perserving what vision i have left in my right eye. i’m walking around waiting for another stroke to happen, but so far so good. Thank God! if resting doesn’t work, i will be placed back on meds again which will conflict with my diabetes and eyes. not good at all. the eye thing is a whole other story. With diabetes retinopathy in both eyes, the vitreous gel in my right and only functioning eye is becoming liquidfy. this only occurs in elderly folks go figure its happening to me at age 33. this means there is no medicine or surgeries to correct this condition. i’m just waiting for my retina to detach and hope that i still have vision after reattachment. as i know perfectly now, going blind is not the end of the world. i have wonderful individuals in my life who have been totally blind since birth and have taught me so much. its the everyday struggles that get to me but i hope that i have a good ending. Always knowing that God has something big instored for me. Even though others might have pity for me i know there are many hidden blessings granted onto us all. i just ask that postive vibes and prayers are sent my way as i begin this bumpy roller coaster ride again

Hello Herlinda:

Sounds like you have been going through a lot of unfortunate stuff. When I hear People say these things, that’s when I Hate Diabetes.

Lupus is certainly a Bad disease. I can’t believe they took you off of your meds. and replaced them with just rest? I understand why now. I have a somewhat similar disease. As much as I’d Love to get off my meds., I can’t because even while I’m on them, the pain is usually Bad 4/7 days a week. Life hurts! :[

I’m Happy that you were able to drive the car again. That must have been Wonderful for you. And flying to Washington. Yay! That’s Awesome that you had such Nice and appropriate Friends to learn important things from.

I am so Very much sending you Positive Vibes and many Prayers. I really hope that He will bring you successfully through this journey and into the Light. God Bless you Herlinda. :slight_smile:

Linda: I admire your courage and your determination not to let this get you down. You are one strong woman!

Thank you Terrie…yes, the pain is very intense but after living with it for so long i’m used to it…no worries, i do take pain killers and muscle relaxers when pain gets too overwhelming for me to handle…most of all, i’ve learned to live life to the fullest. not let fear or worry too much of dying, in other words, isolate and stay to myself in my sorrow and pain…and wither away slowly…but to live and trust fully in God…as you pray for me, i will also pray for you to stay strong, courageous, and patient…

You’ve got a lot going on. Your strength and perseverance is admirable! All sorts of positive vibes and wishes to you.