On Meeting Regis Philbin and Hallmark Heroes

I am still recovering from the surreal experience... A little over 24 hours ago, I was briefly (literally for less than 24 hours) in New York, at HBO Studios, after shooting a brief segment that will air Christmas Day as part of Hallmark Heroes. YES! I met Regis Philbin! The guy is super-cool and full of energy.

I had a chance to chat on camera with him for about two minutes, during which I shared a bit about TuDiabetes, the Diabetes Hands Foundation and the Global Diabetes Handprint. Along with this footage, Hallmark Channel will air a very cool 6-minute segment that they recently shot in the Bay Area. This will go on Christmas Day on Hallmark Heroes.

Along with this extraordinary opportunity, I also had the chance to meet three incredible people:

  • Kathy Hatfield: founder of KnowItAlz, an Alzheimer’s Caregiver Community.
  • John Beltzer: founder of Songs of Love, a nonprofit that provides songs for children facing tough medical, emotional or physical conditions.
  • Hal Honeyman: president of Project Mobility, a nonprofit that makes bikes for disabled children.

What a great honor Manny! We’re proud of what you’ve done for all our benefits, and glad to see someone took the time to acknowledge that. Will this only air on HBO?

I’ll be marking my calendar for Dec 25th at 8PM, Hallmark channel (hope I get that one). Fantastic!

It will air on Hallmark Channel. I will post more details as soon as I have them.

Looking forward to watching!