On the Lighter side

I am a Type 2 diet and exercise only, which usually brings up a series of weird question. The least favorite was “what do you eat, grass?”

I was asked to talk with a younger person to help him with creating a new business, just mentoring. We choose to meet at a local restaurant for brunch, I usually just pick something to munch on.

He went right to the bakery case for some large sugary pastry. I order two scrambled eggs. He asked if I was watching my figure, I said no that I was a type 2 on a controlled diet. He said he understood, that his mother was too, but she could eat anything she wanted (oh boy here it comes I thought).

He reached down an torn off 1/4 inch of pastry and said “it is all in portion control. Here is your portion.” No more explanation needed. Nice for a change.

Nice to run into someone who gets it.