On the mend

Woke up this morning feeling better than I have in over a week, the antibiotics have kicked in I still have a cough but not the pain and soreness in my chest when I cough, on the other hand it might be the inhaler I was given that is helping me breath more easily who knows who cares something is working.

Cat sat on the back door step for half an hour atching the rain pour down finally deciding she could not wait anymore she went out gave me a meow as if to say get a cat litter box for days like this, within 5 minutes she came bounding in like a bullet ran upstairs and is running from room to rooom chasing her shadow.

Oh here she is nugging the kitchen cabinet door where her food is kept guess it is breakfast time be back in a minute just feeding smudge…cat lapping up her breakfast gone into the living room now cleaning herself hat a life not a care in the world.

Our son made it to the final of the computer weekly IT awards even if he did not win he is a winner in our eyes, well done son.

Time for another amoxicillian tablet have to check my blood glucose level as well…

Tablet taken with a glass of water blood reading 9.1 it has been higher this week due to the cold/flu what ever it was, but looks as if it is returning to normal.

It is nice to be out of bed I was going bananas resting in bed headache gone fever seems to have gone do not want to push my luck or temp fate but fingers crossed over this bout of illness.

Still chucking it down with rain where has it all come from we know where it is going hope it ends soon, nice articles in the shropshire star over the past week about out son being up against stephen fry in the twitter awards considering the following for stephen our son has do great getting to the final,well done son.

Well I suppose I will have to leave it there cat meowing she wants something worse than a 2 year old baby.

Hey Raymond: :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you are feeling Better. It’s about time. Yes, you probably had a fever with your cold/flu. A fever always raises my blood sugar.

LOL! Smudge isn’t having that great of a Life when she has to sit there hoping the rain would stop. I’m sure you know that cats hate water except to drink. Then she had to go running around to dry off instead of relaxing on the couch with you.

Good job of your Son to get to the finals. He should be Proud. You should buy him something to celebrate. :smiley:

Hopefully you will be totally Well soon.