On the Road with the Big D

I travel for business a few times a year and this past week was one of
those times. So, sports fans, I got to experience the new TSA Full Monty Booty Body feel-up pat down techniques up close and personal!

Now, while I am sure there are some over-zealous friskers and overly hysterical friskees, what I experienced was pretty much what the TSA describes on their site. Going out of town on Monday morning, the pat down didn’t really bother me, but Thursday I was annoyed by it, because it had all ready been a hellish long D day.

I packed 3 insertion sets for my 4 day trip and I’m glad I did. Read the thrilling conclusion at Strangely Diabetic

thanks for a realistic update.

Man, what an ordeal of a day! I’d have been a lot crankier after BG hell followed by a romantic TSA interlude. I’d be in a TSA holding cell.

My doctor showed me some real pictures of the scan on his computer Friday. Nothing is left to the imagination. It is clearly X-Rated.

I travel regularly Internationally and this AM , I experienced a different procedure. When I told the TSA agent I had my Insulin pump, they had me go thru the normal metal detector and then wait for what I thought was to be a Pat Down. It wasn’t …all they did was have me remove the pump from the Holder and touch it with both hands.
They then swabbed my hands and tested the swab and said all is OK.

I asked about the change and he indicated that it was a new procedure started last week.

Not sure yet if that is local ( US-Raleigh) or all of TSA.

Maybe they ae finally learning to be civil on this issue.