Once again im in a bind

Oops i thought i was okay to switch from the pump back to shots.
however, my problem is i have no idea how to bring my sugar back down, currently my BG is 439 and i took Lantus (long lasting insulin) before i went to bed but im so sick to my stomach i cant sleep i have some Apidra (short term for meals) but how do i bring it back down???

oh this is so not the time for me to not have medical insurance…

Take some Apidra. You should have a target number of points 1 unit of Apidra will bring your blood sugar down. Break out a calculator, do the math, and calculate how much you need. If it isn’t enough, do the same thing again after 4 hours. You need a correction bolus brother.

absolutely what Kevin said, for me, 5 units would bring my sugar down about 100 points, so at 439 I’d be taking 15 units to bring me into the lower 100’s. Drink some water too

thanks so much!

yeah, your pump should have you correction factor information. mine does, at least. just make sure that you don’t correct and ignore! once, i did that… and I ended up going low. Maybe it’d be a good idea for you also not to correct entirely, because you’ll be dropping so much already. Maybe try correcting to 150, first. just to see if you stabilize at the bottom, and don’t keep dropping. good luck! let us know how it worked!

Are you better now?

The other thing I do to bring down a big high (after giving a correction bolus of rapid-acting insulin at 1 unit:for every 30 mg/dl over 120 in the mornings and 1 unit:for every 50 mg/dl over 120 at other times of day or night) is wait until the blood sugar has come down enough that I don’t feel yucky and then take a brisk 15-minute walk.

yeah im much better its going to take some getting used to