Once more into the Breach Lads

Bed cramps I take Quinine to help with the nightly crams I get in feet and legs you can see the muscles tightening and the feeling is not a nice one on one occasion they got so bad I ended up in hospital and spending 5 hours on a gurney/trolley is that the right word well it will have to do for this piece is no fun freezing cold in sheer agony, in the end I got sent home with painkillers well after 5 hours the cramps had settled down so most nights I rest my legs on the bed massaging them or my Angel does being kinda overweight getting past my tummy to get to my legs can be a challenge but what the heck life would be boring without a few challenges,I had varicose veins removed in my legs 20 years ago,and they have never been the same since but at the time they caused so much pain I could not walk on them,gout has taken the place of varicose veins last week I could not even pt my foot down without extreme discomfort this morning the gout has settled down and I am skipping around the kitchen.

What surpriseā€™s me is that I have little or no feelings in my feet and sometimes in my legs so how come I get so much pain and agony from the cramps are they not exempt from the feelings lack of,gone 8 am here time for Victoza/liraglutide so here goes for England and St George once more men into the breach my Kingdom for a horse,there she blows me ship mates I am sure my medication is sending me bonkers, victoza done another Sharp into the box for disposal,the net curtain is gently blowing to and fro in the breeze the house is still and silent the cat asleep my Angel gone to work all I have as company is my own thoughts and the day ahead.