One fear down, 999999 to go. Oh, and diabetes, yeah, not dyslexia


At the end of Latin the other day, my friend turned to me and said "hey, you're not dead again!" I replied with "nope!". My Latin teacher turned and said "What do you mean, dead again?". My friend said "Well this time last week she was sort of... dead..." and then my Latin teacher remembered my paleness and shaking from the week before. And that was when she said something that really made my day. "Oh, yeah, coming back to school, the change of routine was bound to mess it up a bit."

People aren't going to look down on me. It's not always going to be the first thing that pops to mind when people see me. "Oh, there goes Emma, she's the one who's blood sugar can't wait 'til lunch."

Sometimes I am pleasantly suprised by people.

I have been having some trouble with teachers as well. Naive me, thought that Mrs. B, my form tutor from last year would have actually done what she'd said she'd done and TOLD the teachers about my. uhm. pancreatic abnormalities. so I went up to my biology teacher, said "I just wanted to check, if I have to have some sugar in class would it be better if I left the lab?" (lab rules, no eating). She was like "what?" "I have DIABETES. if I need to have sugar should I leave the lab?" That was when I realised, she didn't have a clue about any of it. So I've spent this past week notifying my teachers of the neccesities of testing blood, eating, etc. It's seriously tiring.

So, hopefully I won't ever get yelled at for getting out the skittles in class.

Quick story about Mr. P, my guitar teacher.

"I know this is a pain, but I can't really do guitar lessons in class time anymore 'cause of my GCSEs. And the other thing is I'm gonna really struggle to do them regularly in the first half hour of lunch."

"Is that because you have to dash out of the lesson before early?"

"Er, no, it's actually because I'm diabetic, so otherwise I have to start shovelling sugar in my system to keep me going."

"Oh yeah, everyone gets hungry at lunch time, don't we?"

Er. Yeah. Hunger. NOT a low blood sugar level.

10 minutes later.

"So, how long have you been dyslexic for?"


A discussion begins on how diabetes is NOT dyslexia. Well, that was a fun lesson.


I love Latin! [:
It’s so much better than all the modern languages.


One time, at an initial visit to a psychologist, I explained that I had db and took 4-6 injections per day.
She replied, “oh, 46 injections, so …that’s about 2 per hour, right”?


woah, 46 injections!? almost makes me feel lucky…