One-handed pumping

On Wednesday of this week I am having surgery to remove bone spurs from my wrist. It’s not the first hand/wrist surgery I’ve had, but the first since starting on the pump. I know I will be heavily bandaged for at least a week, with the possibility of a cast for 4 weeks. Any one ever tried one-handed pumping? My husband is good at checking my blood sugar and I’ve shown him how to put in my infusion sets. Everything will be fine, but I was curious if anyone has any tips. Thanks!

The only problem that I see that you may have is taking the pump in and out of the case. I would use a cheap phone case to put your pump in while you are recopperating.

I went through a shoulder surgery a few years ago and don’t even recall any difficulties with taking care of myself with one hand. Will your fingers be sticking out of your bandages? That would make a world of difference. At least you could test on them. Hope it all goes well for you! Take care!

Wow, shoulder surgery sounds like even less mobility. I’ve had several trigger finger surgeries, before pump, and was able to make due using pens for injections. I let everyone know how it is after surgery tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

I don’t have any tips. I just visited because the title of the thread was kind of provocative. Dare I go there?



I saw this awhile back. Hope it is helpful.