One Horse Open SLEIGH!

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Today's post comes under the heading of something I am calling Randombetes. That's also the name of a 2nd blog I will occasionally post on, when what I have to say doesn't seem to fit here. It's just random info. Or pictures. Or stories. Sometimes D-related, sometimes not. For now, I'll use this blog for today's post.
Many of you have heard me talk about my two daughters, Amy and Amber. Amy is 17, blond, with blue eyes. Amber is 15, a brunette, with brown eyes.
Amy is beautiful, and loves to read. Read what? Anything. If it has words, she will pretty much read it cover to cover, word for word. And then a year later, she will read it again. "Just because". She also loves her iPhone, playing on the computer, and sleeping. She's 17, need I say more? I love her with all my heart.
Both of them LOVE to dance, and have been doing it since they were very young. Next year they will be on the varsity dance team together at their high school. I can't wait.
Amber loves life. Every day is an adventure around our house, if Amber is anywhere in the vicinity. She loves all the things any 15 year old girl does.
Of course I'm kidding! She's beautiful!
Amber LOVES making fun of ME. (shhh, don't tell her, but she's really good at it too)
And you have to know that I love her with all of my heart.
I have the BEST daughters on the planet. And they spoil me in every way you can imagine, and along with my wife Pam, they take VERY good care of me.
If you've been on any of the Skype sessions with me, you may have heard me say the phrase "Stalkerbetes". Yep, that came from Amber. I've seen a few of you using it on twitter now, and I have to say, when I do, it brings a smile to my face every time. Here is how it came about.
"We hate these dance costumes so we're gonna make a silly picture about it"
When I first got involved in the DOC and started using twitter and then eventually chatting with many of you online, Amber started saying that we were all stalking each other, and out of that, came the term "Stalkerbetes". Frankly, i love it, and find myself saying it all the time, and I'm fairly sure you will be too soon enough.
Today, I wanted to show you a video of Amy and Amber that was taken when they were little girls. Amy, true to form, Amy is holding a book. And Amber . . . well, she is just being Amber. It's what we call at our house an "Amber Classic Moment". I think you'll get a kick out of it. Click HERE
Alternate youtube video HERE

You have a beautiful family, Tim!