One "hot" diabetic

Althought parts of western Europe (France) are ravaged by summer floods and heavy rain, here in Greece we experience our first heatwave for the summer. The temperature is almost 40 degrees Celcious, under shade! I feel so hot. I am meltin’ like a chocolate cream sundae, left in the sun. The worst thing about it is that I have to keep the insulin in the butter compartment on my fridge, along with meter and sticks, because nothin’ works under those conditions. The pharma company says “keep it under 28o, room temperature” for the insulin and the manufacturers state “will not work properly above 30o” for the sticks & the meter. As a result of that, my (cold) insulin takes over 30 minutes to work! I think I’m gonna immigrate near a glacier, in Iceland, because in those parts of Europe (Greece: in the Mediteranean sea, very close to Africa coasts) life is so “hot ‘n’ heavy” for a diabetic. LOL

LOL! Sounds like what we’ve been having here in the Southern US for about 2 weeks now! LOL!

This might sound kinda funny, but because it’s been made very clear that you can’t put cold insulin into a pump without risking bubbles, I always stick Eric’s vial in my bra for 15 minutes before I fill his reservoir. Gets it almost up to body temp fairly quickly, then I can fill the reservoir and return the vial to the fridge without worrying about it. You might consider the same trick so that your insulin works in the preferred amount of time…

Now I am just glad that we have just 17°C in Germany. Do you know the frio products to keep the insulin cool? I hope for better temperatures.