One kidney is bigger than the other !?

i have had diabetes for 10 years now and i still think it sucks but to top it off the doc told me i had a kidney thats bigger than the other one !!! i was like oh crap!!! but i just want to find out if there is anyone else out there like me so leave a comment and let me know how u deal with it.

My daughter has one kidney larger than the other. The problem is not size but whether or not both kidneys are fully functioning or not. If at least one kidney is fully functioning then you are ok.

Does the larger kidney (right)have “Hydronephrosis”(literally “water on the kidney”)- this could be caused by urine (“water”) backing up into the kidney because of reflux or a blockage. If there is no hydronephrosis- then the right kidney could be compensating for a smaller or “scarred” or “dysplastic” (undeveloped) left kidney- which could have occurred from a kidney infection or from a condition that you were born with.

In either event as long as you are not having urinary tract infections and your kidney function (from a blood test that looks at the function from both kidneys combined)- there probably isn’t too much to worry about
You may want a referral to a urologist to be on the safe side.

they both are lucky for me

I am a diagnostic imaging tech.
It is common for one kidney, especially the left, to be somewhat larger. The right kidney has the liver superior to it.
Sometimes, if one kidney is not functioning, the other (collateral) kidney will be larger as it is doing more work, but you’re doctor would know this with labs and such. The other kidney would be so atrophied, that the measurements would clue the radiologist that was the problem, and it sounds like your doctor is not telling you this. It is the same with people who only have one kidney, it is bigger.
You can request a copy of the radiologist’s impression report to find out.

It is common to have variants in size in the body, so don’t freak out. I hope this helps.

If you had hydro or another problem, they would have told you.

Landileigh is right about the hydro, that can increase the pelvis (pelvicaliectasis), but they usually have you go to the bathroom to see if it resolves.

I just hate it when the doc makes a comment like that and then leaves you hanging! How thoughtless and rude. Can you call his office and ask to speak with his nurse? Tell he you have a couple of questions that you’d like answers to. As a medical consumer, you have a right to this. Your insurance company is paying big bucks for his services, and you have the right to have all of your uestions answered - answered now, without waiting until your next appointment.
We pwd’s have enough things to worry about without adding to the list.