One Little Trip To Columbus

This was a very interesting trip. Chris and I drove the 5.5 hours to Columbus, OH to visit his parents this past weekend, and my blood sugars just refused to stabilize! I was running high 100's to low 200's all weekend long. My correction boluses didn't want to work (except once, then I went below 50 for some reason, so I had my correction dose of juice and shot back up to the 190's)

Seriously, what is up with that?? Does travel affect ones levels so much? I better keep an extra close eye on them when we fly to the carribbean in December! Yay Honeymoon!

I don’t think it’s the drive or the travel, but could be other things. Are you pre-menustral? I know I have trouble a few days before my period with higher than normal bg that doesn’t lower easily…just a thought.

Are you on a pump? I always bump up my basal rate by 20% on long car trips, especially since I’m usually quite active.