One more set change and the kids will be reunited with their "best in the world" daddy!

Ok, this is it: ONE MORE infusion set change and if all goes well we’ll get to see my husband a few days earlier than expected…late this weekend…anyone have any good ideas on how to celebrate his return other than the obvious banner and sweet lovin’, err, ahh I mean sweet cookin’?! Something fun we could do for him when we pick him up or have waiting for him at home? I’m frantically running around to get everything together that I am drawing a blank! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

When my husband came home; he got bombarded with 6 kids and Mom at the Airport.
Security rushed to make sure that he wasnt being attacked!LOL! Just a large family:)
All he wanted that day was to sit on the sofa and soak up the kids. We did “finger foods” for dinner that night. Chips,dips,tacos etc…
We watched a family favorite movie…“Lassie” and then tucked the kids in bed at bedtime…er…well…close to regular bedtime:)
Yup! Then it was reunite time for us!:slight_smile:
Tell him "Welcome Home!"

I have no advice but just wanted to add my own “Welcome Home!” I’m happy for all of you.

Wow. That is so, so cool. I’m so happy for you guys! Yay!!!

Unfortunately, I have no good suggestions. I bet you and your sons are all he wants, anyways :slight_smile: