One of those days

Ever have one of those days where you don’t remember crap? Yeah, I think I’ve check my BS once and oh yeah, forgotten to take my shot after lunch and dinner. I need a mental holiday from this! I hoping that I keep it together long enough to take my finals next week and actually pass them… ugh!

Yes, sure have. The other day i finished a post for my online class and later in the day sat down and did the same question again. One question twice in the same day. i know you want to know if I gave the same answer? Nope, same question two answers.

rick phillips

Ohhhhhh YEAH!! While I think [at the moment] that I’m losing it to “old timers’ disease,” I realize it’s probably a result of the stress I’ve been under. And if you read any of the discussions, etc. about me, you’d certainly get the idea of how much has been heaped on my head. I’ll actually be in the middle of a sentence and, with one small interruption not lasting very long, I’ve forgotten what I was saying!! Old Timers’???

Yes, I agree that it is caused [at times] by low sugars for me. It is a great way of telling me I need to take time and eat something.

Hope you keep it together for your finals.

Lois La Rose

Milwaukee, WI

Been here, had that. Especially one of those days when…Now what was I saying…Oh yeah, when time seems to be flying by faster than normal. Best of luck on you finals.

i hate when your really really busy you end up whipping your meter out checking your sugar, making a mental note, getting your insulin, drawing it up, putting all the crap away, making a mental note to remember you blood sugar/insulin intake to write down, and then scarfing down your food. Then remembering to check it later! I can do the above in 10-15 mintues (meter, insulin part takes about 3 to 5 minutes)