One pupil bigger than the other

ok, i know i am now completely hypersensitive to anything related to eyes, kidneys and toe sensation. in the last couple of weeks i noticed that one pupil is bigger than the other. it reacts to light by contracting, like the other one, but doesnt go all that small like the other one. im going to the doc friday for scrips, as it happens, but has this happened to anyone? am i crazy for worrying about somethin so seemingly ridiculous? its a good thing i didnt study medicine or nursing....

Well, it could just be that you are obsessing about stuff and never noticed. Apparently 1 in 5 people have a pupil size difference of greater than 0.4mm and less than 1mm. That is a big enough difference to be quite noticible. I regularly see an opthamologist, who would be the type of expert to help. It may also be that differences in the eyesight in each eye (i.e. nearsightedness) is leading to the difference. If your prescriptions for each eye are markedly different, that can result in the difference.

mydriasis is what it called,Have you gone on any new meds by chance.

It could be something minor as people describe, or it could be signs of something more serious. Especially if it is something new I think it's good that you're having it checked out when you go to the doctors and I would also ask for a referral to an ophthalmologist if the doctor doesn't have a decisive answer to what it is.

thanks for the replies. i feel like dr house, every time i go to the doc i diagnose myself. i say, i think i have this, and she says, yes you do-last one was diabetes. im going to preface this eye thing with a run through of how i want the conversation to go: she needs to say, go home, youve got nothing wrong with you!
i hope im worrying about nothing...

Oh, I'm the same way. It's gotten to the point I don't bother going unless I already have a pretty good idea what it is!