One thing that would improve the Omnipod for me

There is one thing that I wish they would improve is that when you do a BG check a screen pops up and ask you to Identify yourself. I understand that for some people this is helpful if there are several users and you need to be sure your using the correct unit, however, I am the only one in my household that uses it. If you insert a test strip and test BG without identifying yourself it causes an error and the test strip is no good. My test strip cost me about $1.25 each and this is a tremendous waste. I would like to see an option to turn off this so called Feature for people like me who don't need this. Just a setting that you could change. I would be so happy to have that as an option. It would save me many dollars.

I’m not paying as much for my strips, but I do waste several each week for the same reason you pointed out above. I keep thinking I will learn, and I have gotten better about making sure it’s ready for the blood.

MY big money-saver would be if I could override the time I can wear a single pod. I only require about 30 units total daily insulin, so I could easily get five days out of both the insulin and the adhesive.

I wonder if the company accepts I out when developing their new versions? It seems to me they would like to have happier customers (don’t get me wrong.lli love my pump)

Thanks for your response. My strips are covered by my insurance which is probably why they cost so much, I use so much insulin that I usually only get two days before I run out. I sometime have to supplement with a shot or two to make my pod last longer then two days. It would be neat if there was a replaceable supply that you could just insert like a replacement pen ink filler. The pods are so expensive and get so little use. It would seem like a good solution.

I totally agree. This stupid confirmation screen was added in the new version (it did not exist in the old version) and costs me lots of money in strips too... especially in the middle of the night when I awake up due to a CGM alarm and need to make a check. I want to hurry up, get the check done and correct the problem, and get back to sleep. It adds unnecessary delay and cost.

A 300 unit reservoir would be helpful too.

The 300 unit reservoir is another good idea! I agree. Also let the pump run out naturally by itself instead of making it expire at 3 days. Why can't the company listen to good ideas from its customers?

I would like to be able to modify basal programs by day of week.

Agreed, I only use about 30 units as well and getting more days out of a pod would be awesome!

I've been taken by the confirmation screen too, and cringe when it happens. Thankfully, knock on wood, it doesn't seem to happen too often anymore.

Also, I'd love to see how much insulin is actually "there" when I start a new pod and have a screen which tells me how much insulin remains, before it gets below 50 units.

Now that Insurance companies are raising the cost of durable medical supplies, many of your customers are struggling to pay for their pod shipments. It would be wonderful if Omnipod would reduce the cost of the PDM and pods , let us order them as disposable pharmacy items etc. I am seriously considering lowering my quality of coverage , going back to pens , to keep from going into debt to afford my supplies.
Sincerely ,
cellista 8

I’m fortunate that our insurance policy just changed to include durable medical supplies towards my deductible and out of pocket maximum as of January 1. I’m sure most staff don’t think its a big deal, but it will be great for me.

They must have had a good reason for adding the confirmation step to the newest version. Seems like a lot more confirmation steps! You're right: it's a major pain in the butt, but I promise you'll get used to it.

A few things would be nice:

  • Option to remove the confirmation screen. It just adds to the friction of managing diabetes.
  • Better light on the test strip and dim the screen for goodness sake! At night it is basically unusable without turning on a light, that wakes me up and lack of sleep has been shown to affect insulin resistance.
  • Ability to snooze a reminder - let me choose how many minutes/hours. Pod expiration is the big one that is annoying.
  • Ability to turn off the 2 hour reminder after starting a new pod. I wear a CGM, it will let me know if there is a problem.
  • Let me enter in a bolus I put in with a syringe or pen. I do this on occasion when I am taking prednisone or when I am sick and just need a lot more to keep things under control.
  • Tell me how much insulin is left in the pod, not just 50+, or tell me how much this pod has delivered, I can do the math because I put in 200, It doesn't have to be perfect, but, it will let me plan my day much better.
  • Update the PDM, size(smaller), look, feel, etc. Lots of options, integrate with Dexcom, integrate with Android/IPhone(lots of challenges here), maybe just make it connect to phones, tablets, computers with Bluetooth LE and let me see my data, even better let me bolus, etc with my phone. Dexcom made a good step with the G4, it looks like an ipod mini.

I have learned to make sure the flashing blood drop is on screen before using test strip.
I think the 80 hour limit is because that is the safe amount of time to have insulin at skin temperature without it becoming less effective. It is kept next to your body and that is quite warm. There are also probably concerns about how long the canula is in and the infection risk. Likely 80 hours is very conservative, but, that makes sense for life critical devices like insulin pumps.
Overall I really like the pod, but, there are ways to make it even better. I would love to see Insulet be successful and be able to keep updating the product.

I suspect the 3 day limit is there because of the batteries. Insulet have to be absolutely 110% certain that the batteries won't fail over the 80 hour life of the pod, because if they do fail an Omnipod user could very easily die.

It's a major issue because the pod can't issue a warning on battery failure; its only means of communication is the beep and that requires the batteries. If my pod were to fail without warning it could easily be two or three hours before I noticed my sky-rocketing blood sugar and, if I wasn't near the PDM for some reason, I could then easily go into DKA.

John Bowler

It may also be an FDA requirement - because with any pump they want you to change the infusion site after 3 days to prevent scarring and infections. I know some people with tubed pumps cheat on this, but in addition to the batteries, the FDA may have forced them to make it expire in three days to force an infusion site change.

Also, due to the insulin limit that Brian mentions above. Some insulins, like Apidra, don't even last 2 days at near body temp.

Just FYI - I have only used Apidra in my pods and I never have any issues with it at the end of pod-life.

I asked them about that and their claim is that many people have multiple users using the Pods and this was added so each family member could identify his or her personal unit. If that is the case . . . fine but for the people who do not need this give us option to turn it off.

Well said I agree there is much that could improve the usage,

So if two people have two PDMs in the house, how hard would it be to label them in some way to keep them separate? Put a distinctive cover on one or both. Stick on a name label, or mark one with a dot of nail polish or paint. (I used to do that with my work keys all of the time and never had an ID problem as to what key belonged to what file cabinet.) How hard would that be? It certainly would save the rest of us the annoying identification process and waste of expensive strips.

Everything is in flux in the US because the employer mandate was delayed. Cheryl's employer presumably employs more than 100 people; such 'large' employers have to offer plans that conform to the ACA this year. Two things the ACA doesn't allow are massive OOP maxima or split deductibles, whatever convoluted book-keeping way the insurer uses to do it.

Mid-size employers (50-99 employees) have until Jan 1, 2016 to conform. Your plan has apparently been adjusted, but it may not conform. It may be that a number of employers are using the ACA as an excuse to introduce more costly plans that still don't conform.

Generally an Omnipod user will hit the deductible but not the OOP max. My guess is that we typically spend about $3000 above the cost of the premiums. For me I have to pay an additional $6000 for the insurance.

For employer plans I think it works to assume that the deductible will be met and about $3000 paid to Insulet for the pods; so the deductible comes out of that then you pay whatever % of the remainder. The other items (insulin, test strips) are currently a fixed cost (you've met the deductible with the pods), so you can calculate the merits of different coverage options quite easily and know what you can afford.

John Bowler

On my employer's plan, the Pods are required to be covered under the Pharmacy is not always a win versus being covered as DME under the medical insurance as the pharmacy plan plays games with Brand vs Generic vs. Preferred, with different co-pays for each. They can make the cost much higher than the medical plan by making the co-pay astronomical by declaring it a non-preferred, non-formulary item.

Be careful what you wish for - you might just get it ! :-).

That is just a shame. The companies are making hard for folks needing this equipment to afford it. If the pods are not preferred...what is? pens? needles? That is what my company does. Yes, I can afford to go back to multiple pen injections, but my control is much less precise. So, I guess I go back to my original request..pressure on legislators to force these companies to lower the costs of drugs and DME.