One Touch Ping & ezManager Max


I have just switched onto the OneTouch Ping a few days ago. After 6 years on my Cozmo, it was time to change. So far, I love it. I am having some issues with ezManager Max. I have searched through this forum and many people also have issues with Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and getting all of their data downloaded from the pump… however, I cannot even install the program. When i open the .dmg file and open the installer, it immediately closes. Has anyone else had this issue? I may just have to end up installing it on my old WinXP machine instead.

I was told by someone that Americans who purchase the OneTouch Ping get a food database with their pump (~500 items), that people can upload to their pump, delete the foods that they don’t use, etc. However, Canadians who purchase the pump do not get this database. I need to make my own list from scratch. I am wondering if anybody has one of these databases, and if possible, if he/she could send it to me.

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Mike, I don’t think the program is compatible with Snow Leopard yet. I could be mistaken, but I’m running Leopard on mine and I didn’t have any trouble. I would call in to the support number to see if they can help you with this… It could just be a bad disc… As far as the database, mine is on the CD-ROM that was sent to me, my meter does have some that are preloaded but not much… I don’t know how I could send it to you, but if you can figure it out, I’d be more than willing…

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Hi Elizabeth

Is there just a file on the CD that you load into the program? Or do you know how to make an image from the CD (.iso file) or zip the CD using something like Winzip? If you can, please e-mail the file to me at or upload to this forum.


Hi Mike, I had the exact same problem with it closing down right away. I, too, have a Mac OSX with the leopard system. After sending me out two different discs, and having the same problems with both, the Animas tech support tried it on a Mac at their end, and discovered that there is actually a problem with the software and they’re trying to figure it out, but it could take awhile. Which really sucks because one of the main reasons I chose Animas was for the Mac compatibility. If I were you, I’d contact Animas and get them to put you on a list for the new software when they get it figured out … maybe if more people complain, they’ll make it a priority to fix the glitch.

Its not compatible with Snow Leopard. Or, to be more precise, it doesnt work all the time. I have gotten the data to download once or twice, but it usually just locks up, and I need to restart my 'puter. I dual boot into XP for this reason only. I suggest you dont wait for Animas to get it sorted out and do the same, or back grade to plain old Leopard.

Doesn’t work with Leopard either … at least not with mine.