One Touch Test Strips Needed in SF (TONIGHT)

Hey Forum...I'm visiting San Francisco and misplaced my test strips. Had a major ordeal with trying to order one pack from CVS last time, since I already ordered a large set from Medco.

Is there anyone in the SF downtown area who would be willing to sell me some strips or case for $10? I would also send you a pack when I get home to my stash of cases. Thanks for your consideration.

I'd check out walmart relion prime strips-- and meter $9 for 50 strips and the meter is only about $15 bucks. The busniness side of my brain can't help but think that if they snatch up enough of the market share that other companies would have to ease off on the price gouging. Sorry, can't help you directly with the one-touch strips.

I found when money was tight, and I was using the relion meter, it was very close to the results I'd get with my one touch. And definately much cheaper too. Esp in a pinch.