One Touch Ultra Test Strips

Hi all,

I am wondering if someone can recommend a retailer (physical or online that ships to Canada) to purchase One Touch Ultra Test Strips. They are manufactured by LifeScan.

I have always purchased them from my local pharmacy where they retail for about $100/100 strips. But now that I don't have insurance coverage, I am wondering if better deals are available.

Much appreciated.

Hello! I don't know of a retailer, but I am Canadian and I lived in Ontario for years before moving to Vancouver four years ago. You might apply for coverage under the Trillium Drug Program. This program should cover at least part of the cost of blood glucose test strips. Your pharmacist should be able to tell you how much coverage you can expect to receive.

I will say, though, that I had trouble finding out about this drug program when I lived in Ontario and had no insurance other than the standard Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Two different pharmacists actually told me that there wasn't any additional coverage available to me. While pharmacies set their own prices for drugs and medical devices, the province will only refund them set amounts for these things. That can mean that the pharmacies sometimes take what they consider to be a loss (since they can't recover the difference from the patient). In other words, you may need to ask around to get advice if you have questions!

The Canadian Diabetes Association has a Compassionate Assistance Program through which you can receive a blood glucose meter, 300 lancets and 300 test strips, for free. I'm a single mom living on a low income and so I applied for this, myself. I applied online and received a telephone call two or three days later, confirming the information. They sent me the entire kit about five days later, by Express Post.

Good luck!