One Touch vs Freestyle

ok so ive been using my freestyle for like 5 or 6 years now lived by it… then 3 months ago my coverage would no longer cover it they would only cover One Touch… Which kinda blew cause i loved my freestyles light otherwise i really wouldnt care… anyways ive actually found that one touch is more accurate then freestyle… it was 288 yesterday 2 times in a row but my dexcom said 209… i checked with one touch and it was 220… 68 off is a problem and its a new machine maybe a month old that i got from my doctor… anyone else have this experience?

I have a one touch ultra 2, and a freestiyle as well and get higher readings with the freestyle seems to be common and it seemed like the difference was significant for me 20- 40 more points. I did find this study though http://

ok, so I have been a One Touch use for like 5-6 years now, lived by it, then last month my insurance company sent me 1 freestyle lite meter complete with 10 whole test strips, a handy carrying case and lancet which is a piece of crap, but I digress and a letter stating that FreeStyle lite was now the preferred test strip and they were going to limit diabetics to 204 test strips per month.The only way you could continue to use One Touch test strips was if it was integrated with your pump or you were physically or visually impaired. Fortunately I guess, none of those applied to me, but I made a big stink anyway. I have 4 One Touch meters, 2 minis and 2 One Touch Ultra 2 and I have the computer cable to be able to download results and email them to my doctor. This did nothing to change their minds so instead I went to Abbott and basically demanded a few more meters and a computer cable. It took some doing but eventually they sent me what I had asked for free of charge. My endo got them to allow me 250 tests per month and I still had a bunch of strips leftover for my One Touch so once I am out of the One Touch strips I will begin using the Freestyle. I have done a bit of meter to meter comparisons but I have not seen the variability that you did. But it is a fairly small sample size. The Joslin clinic I go to uses One Touch systems exclusively.